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Jovan Damjanovich
(Serbia & Montenegro)

Jovan Damjanovich was born on 8th of July 1947. in Zemun. He has a degree in turism. His working days were dedicated to struggle with the problems of Roma national society in and outside of Serbia and Montenegro.
Because of that, Jovan Damjanovich was elected to be the president of Union of Roma associations in Republic of Serbia, and he kept that position till today. With association`s activities and with his own commitment, he contributes to better information of Roma national community about current events in the country.
Jovan Damjanovic was minister in provisional gouvernment of the Republic of Serbia, and nowadays he was elected by Roma national minority to be the president of coalition "Unity of Roma in Serbia and Montenegro" which counts 150 associations all over the country.
Damjanovich was maximaly engaged in solving all existent problems in Roma communities, especially infrastructural problems.
As minister he succesfuly solved all problems concerning Roma population such as political, economic, social and national problems without any inner concussions.
In the gouvernment of Republic of Serbia, he as the representative of Roma national community, along with representatives of other national communities: Muslims, Gorans, Turkes and Albanians, was fighting for solving the Yugoslav crisis with dialogs and democracy, for better life for all citizens, for extinction of inequality, unsafety and poorness, and for preservation of multiethnicizm and multiculturality.
He is an honorable citizen of Zemun. He received a charter "Slobodan Berberski" for political participation of Roma in Serbia and Montenegro; a charter for the most succesful politician on the Balkans by Velko Kostov- president of The Balkans federation; he was the vice-president of the Federal gouvernment for gathering datas of war crimes; and recently he was named to be the director of the first Roma national TV station "Amaro drom"-"Our road"
Everything he has done, he has done for the interest of our citizens, people, for reclamation of interethnic relations in Serbia, for reclamation of democracy for better today and even better tomorrow.

The First Roma National
TV Station "Amaro Drom"
Prvomajska 116
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Serbia and Montenegro
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