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Bajram Haliti
(Serbia & Montegro)

Bajram Haliti was born on 21st of May 1955. in Gnjilane, Kosovo. Haliti is Roma by nationality. He is one of the most respected experts concerning Roma status in Europe and world. He participated in many international meetings about Roma, in second last World Roma congress and his name is outstanding in the circle of experts for public communication. He entered journalizm in 1985. He walked through all stages of development in journalizm- from aspirant to head editor of Roma programme. Haliti has published a large number of studies, articles, comments and documentary programmes. He is the author of documentary movie "Auschwitz- never again" where he lightens the genocide genezis on Serbs, Jews and Roma. On the forth international manifestation "Amico Rom" which is organized every year in Lanciano, Italy, Bajram Haliti`s book "Roma, nation of wicked fate" received the third prize, and his poem "Mirabai" from poem collection " Celestial ring" won the second prize in 2000. at this same manifestation. 600 pieces applied for this contest from all over the world. His first book is poem collection "Debt to truth". Poem collection "Celestial ring" is his third book. These days we expect publication of his poem "Mumtaz Mahal poem". Now he is the head editor of "Ahimsa"-"Nonviolence"- informative magazine on Serbian and Romani,

Address : Ul. M. stojanovica 10, 38250, Zemun, Serbia & Montenegro

Fax No. ++381 11 104 001, E-mail :

Poems by Bajram Haliti



In the night of the shining star
As Gods held their divine assemblage
Over a glass of nectar,
Drinking and singing: