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Dorin Popa

Dr. Dorin Popa is Professor of Journalism & Communication Sciences - at University "Al. I. Cuza", Iasi, Rumania. He did his B.A. in physics in 1984 and post-universitary studies of journalism, with the disertation "Media about the politology in Romania after '89 " in 1994 - 1996 After doing M.A. in Journalism he did Ph.D. in Letters. He is member of  (i) AZR -The Association of Romanian Journalists (ii) USR - The Association of Romanian Writers  (iii) PEN - Club  (iv) IFLAC ( ISRAEL, Haifa), president for Romania  (v) Amnesty International  (vi) AC - Civic Alliance (vii) Member of the Romanian-American Academy  (viii) President of the XXIInd World Congress of Poets held under the auspices of the World Academy of Arts and Culture, in IASI, ROMANIA, 2002
His  poems has been  published in Italy, France, India, Luxembourg, Canad, USA, Ivory Coast, Venezuela, Spain, Korea, Portugal, England, Israel, Japan, Marocco, Slovakia, Poland  Books published : 14 books of poetry in Romanian, English, French, Spanish, Germain, 4 books of poetry, 3 books of interviews with the most important intellectuals of Romania, 4 books of journalism' studies
He has got several literary awards and was nominated for Nobel Prize 2001 (by International Poets Academy - Madras/Chennai, India) and 2002 (by World Academy of Arts and Culture, CA, USA) 
Address:  Aleea Decebal, Nr. 10, Bl. X 8, et. 1, ap. 8, 700231 - IASI, RUMANIA, EUROPA,
Tel./Fax: +40-332-404 360, Mobile: +40-722-369654, e-mail :

Selected Poems by Dorin Popa


your unsteady feet, with indefinite
faltering forms
have built defiant columns inside me

you come to me
on the arm of a stranger
and your nights of love
are my nights

when I first met you
you were wearing the sign I expected
you were wearing in wonder that sign
through which, once I united myself with you

irritated, you put me at the pillory
but your eyes, all in tears,
were surreptitiously calling me
softly and mixtured they talked to me
and I was thrilled to hear
that, suddenly,
someone inside me was rejecting you
someone angry, frightened, dispossessed

that same night I saw
how the hand which was rejecting
you touched you
and the mouth cursing you,
wanted to taste you
later, much later
I' ll hide myself
from you
in your arms

Your failures show me
the perfection that you will
always be

I am a boat, the skin of a nut
on the ocean of your
panting agitated breath
and you, hardly knowing that I exist
unconsciously command me
what I should dream, what I should smell
what I should not touch

your lost mocry profound look
is the path on which
I meekly step
with trust
your deep look in tears
is the most precious reality
this sorrowful October end

your look wandering
about all the places, suddenly
turned my face away from the picture
of the decaying world
and your delicate heartbreaking steps
seem to write a new history
your failures show me
the perfection you will always be

when, all of a sudden, implacable
all the doors closed hermetically
exactly when I was about to leave
this house
this life
this death
oh, so many things are to be done
when nothing is left to be
but the belief that you will
finally come
tired me so much!

and if you come
and if you don' t come
in vain are my ships
that I' ll start building
tomorrow morning

hardly had I left
this house
this life
when a trembling voice murmured
that my few talants
are the last talants of the world.

so many times I had absurd claims
I thought my soul was a perfect radar
for your steps, your breath
your weeping

with ardour and love we could
finally reach in peace the other' s skin
if we didn' t discover with disappointment
that we are the prisoners of our epidermis

and your singing, and your weeping,
and your look
the emotions, the incomparison
and your dreams
all of them are mine for ever

among tears, crying, I hold you hopelessly
I embrace you like
I' ll never embrace you again
you exist in me deeper than in your heart
and shaken,
I whisper to you from a distance
- nobody has ever understood
anybody !

I wasn' t finding you anywhere
- you were everywhere
I wasn' t meeting you anywhere
- you were meeting me

I was trying to detach neatly
my things from anybody else' s
and late I learnt that I was living
for you and through you

I had come down from adolescence
with a guilty look
I was pallidly dreaming elopements
in Seraglio
I wasn' t meeting myself anylonger
- you were meeting me !


Never are you too hurt
to bear (stand) another blow

in the autumn failures seem to increase
bad news come from everywhere
I hear again that my life passes in vain
and everything that belongs to me is shattered
far away, too far away

suddenly, nothing shelters me anymore
nothing covers me protectively
I was hiding myself behind hazy walls of air
the wings and the words are dispersed now
and memories wan' t to come nearer, either

much poorer than the first time
I don' t dare to hold out my hand
here I' ve learnt that many things
are forbidden to me
that I can' t touch anything without being punished
that I have been circling an immense emptiness
for a long time

I don't try to escape anymore - where could I go ?
in front of the dull crumbling I stand seduced
a dog barks at the leaves that fall down happily
and I can' t remember anything to protect me
I can' t see but my guilt covering me

no matter how low I fell, today I' ve learnt
that I can fall even lower - deep as the sky
is the soul