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Luciana De Palma

Luciana De Palma (b. 13 April 1976) is a young poetess from Italy.  Still in her twenties, she has made for herself a quiet little niche in the poetic environment she lives in. "The Red Candle and other poems" is her first book of poetry published by India Inter-Continental Cultural Association, Chandigarh (India),  in bilingual form : poems in Italian followed by their English rendering done by the poetess herself.  Luciana is a very sensitive poetess. She has an acute sense of place, sight and sound. This makes her poems evocatively rich in imagery and full of cultural load.  Fresh and frank in expression and themes and innovative in style, her poems strike a strong chord in the readers heart and creates an instant bond rarely achieved in poetry at her young age.

Poems by  Luciana De Palma

To open a passage-one space
In the jealous garden
To find-snatch-scrutinize
That ray of sun
That suddenly
Pierces through a cloud -
Forwards among the branches -
Bends among the petals -
And illuminates straight and sure
That angle
Where a minute leaf lies
Twisted and withered
From a lime in flower
It has been enough
A word
And our breaths
Revealed themselves
Granted to the world

Panoramic views
On oceans and forests
That you’d ever have said
To contain in you

On a high ground
Your echo
Has stopped my
Insane windmill
And moulding it
It has subjugated me and
Made me breathe
On a leaf of lotus
Among the branches of fir
I have discovered-snatched-spied you
Butterfly of ochre variegated of black
Slender and bashful
In the flight voluptuous

You have left the branch
In the purple reflex of sunset
And you have licked up as soon as
The tangles of my thoughts
Unraveling instantly them
As exile threads of grass and light
Pride always defends Love
When this quivers
Of insane passion
That Reason judges madness
Atrociously voted to the failure

But never
For a one of these torments
We have abdicated
To our portion of battle
In the life




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