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by Luciana De Palma

I write poems since I was fifteen years old, although a few time ago I have found again some verses written when I was eleven years old. It seems to me to have written poems for a long time and in all this time I’ve never asked myself what the poetry is: it’s been a natural and spontaneous thing, like to breath. But from when I’ve had some poetry meetings with school students or when I’ve organized some public poetry readings or when I’ve received some prizes for them, the question that often I’ve heard addressed from people to me is: what’s poetry for you? I have to confess that every time I’ve felt in difficulty: how to explain the natural impulse of the writing, the continuous flux of thoughts and images, the feverish flame of the soul that all the nights and in every moment of the day burn always intense?
So, what is the poetry?
It is like a priest that trust in God and has to give the reason.
Or it is like asking to flower why its petals are yellow or red.
I hate to give definitions, these are the worse way to explore the infinite universe inside the human beings and I, that write poems, love the synthesis only after having fathomed a layer to make a solid level to fathom deeper. I live every moment “the poetry