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Lilyana Kovacheva was born on 15th of April 1960 in Kustendil in the family of Erlies-Roma, black smiths for many generations.  She graduated from South-West University in Blagoevgrad.  She works as Roma Specialist in the Ministry of Education, Bulgaria..  She did her Ph. D from Amsterdam Univiersity, Netherlands.  Mikhail Petrov, "Romani Baht" Foundation, Bulgaria writes about her work on Roma : "I am very impressed by the book 'Rom Knows the Way'.  It took me a few hours to read it.  The author answered to many of my questions, which were always interesting for me." 
Besides a Roma specialists she is a well known poetess writing in Bulgarian as well as in Romani.  She organised an International Conference on Roma Heritage and Culture - Journey to Roots at Delhi and Chandigarh (India) in April 2001 in collaboration with Hindu Heritage Pratishthan, Delhi and India Inter-Continental Cultural Association, Chandigarh.

Three Poems by
Lilyana Kovacheva


I lost my peace
Since I met you
I can neither eat nor sleep
Day in day out, I dream of you
I blossom into another person.

My eyes are finding you
My lips are alive with your name
My heart is aflutter
When I behold you
What have you done to me?

You are a piece of my heart
The seeds of whatever
I grow within me
Come from the ground
Touched by your feet

I don't know how to
Manage my feelings
You have changed
The color of my being

In every thing around me
There is a touch of your
Elusive presence

You have weathered
The feet of my journey
Now life looks like a garden walk
From my childhood
To your youth.


The phone is ringing
May be he is there?
Hello ! Wrong number.....

The phone is ringing again
Should it be he ?
hello - somebody else.....?

The phone keeps on ringing
hello !
hello ! says the known voice
My knees are shaking
He is !



Everybody says
I'm a lovely child

My mama hands me
A cup of my morning milk
My papa brings for me
Every evening a bunch of
Chocolates, the color
of a setting sun
Everybody says
I'm a lovely child

My grandmother tell me
a story of a banished princess
and her father - the king Simo
My grandfather plays
a piano for me
and the gathering night
The little Simo wakes within me

The music and the story
mingle within the dark
around the beds
Oh ! I was a lovely child.


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